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We strive to produce the best quality, delicious beef using as little input and intervention as possible. Therefore, we utilise two very natural native breeds which are best suited to finishing on grass. There may occasionally be times when grain feeding is necessary - for example to add a higher nutritional value to the winter ration of our youngstock, or to give a little extra attention to a heifer suckling her first calf - and if doing this we make sure to source UK grown products to avoid any unnecessary contribution to emissions.


We use the Original Population Hereford and the British White as they are both true native British breeds of cattle which produce the finest beef from a forage-based diet, whilst also helping to conserve our natural local grassland habitats by extensively grazing areas which are home to various species of wildlife.

We usually have a selection of bulls and females available for breeding and always welcome visitors, so if you are looking to buy stock why not come and have a look! For pedigree purposes, we can also advise on which bloodlines could suit your breeding program and are always open to exporting semen and embryos internationally; contact us to arrange a visit.


A newer venture for us but one which we are just as passionate about are the sheep, which we also have two native breeds of on the farm; the Kerry Hill and the British Galway.


The Kerry Hill is, as the name suggests, a hardy hill breed originating from the borders of England and Wales which prove themselves to be excellent mothers and do well on a low-input system to produce delicious meat from grass.

The British Galway is a relative newcomer to England, having only been introduced over here from the west of Ireland in 1990. Known for the superb quality of both their wool and their meat, we also find them to be a very easy-doing type of sheep with an excellent temperament.

We often have pedigree stock available for sale from both breeds, so if you are looking to buy, please do get in touch!

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