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Spring calving block has begun

By albanyfarm, Jan 19 2017 01:13PM

Although it seems not long since we finished autumn calving, the spring bunch have just started! Things have kicked off with 26-month-old first calver Albany Omega popping out a lovely strong heifer calf, who was up and running in no time.

We made the decision to run some heifers with the bull a little younger than we normally would for this year, so that they would mostly calve between 24 and 28 months of age rather than between 28 and 36 months. This was so that the heifers started earning their keep a little sooner in life, as well as experimenting to see whether having a few less months to get fat would have a positive impact on how easily they calve (three-year-old heifers have a tendency to get rather chubby if they haven't done any work, which is what you don't want when calving for the first time!).

This girl seems to have the hang of motherhood already - she has plenty of milk for her calf and is very attentive, so if they all do as good a job as her we'll be pleased.

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