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Halter training underway

By albanyfarm, Jan 9 2017 07:56AM

Seeing as we've got them inside at this time of year we try to halter as many of the youngstock as we can. Being trained to the halter can come in handy any time they need veterinary attention, calving assistance, etc. so a little bit of work while they're young can benefit for their lifetime.

We will also be training some of these young cattle in preparation for the show season, in which case they will also need to learn to walk on the halter, stop and have their feet placed in the correct position to show themselves off to the judge.

As always we have a selection of young bulls for sale and soon they will be used to being led, which should make handling them easy for their potential new owners too. Look out for us showing in 2017, we'll be off to a few again this year chatting to folks about the cattle so come along and say hello!

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