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By albanyfarm, Mar 16 2019 01:56PM

We now have a choice of young Hereford bulls for sale from Albany Farm, all pedigree registered and currently being halter trained.

DNA/blood testing available on request, transport can also be arranged. TB tested clear on 19/02/2019 and all calves have been BVD tag & tested clear since 01/03/2017. Contact us to arrange a visit!

By albanyfarm, Feb 12 2018 02:11PM

The first of the bulls offered for sale this year will be Alcroft Bruno - sired by Dadley Rotavator and out of Dadley Cherry, born 07.09.16.

Birthweight: 40kg (born unassisted)

200 day weight: 238kg

400 day weight: 448kg

Passed BWCS bull inspection on 31.01.17, halter trained with an excellent temperament and good conformation, he is fit and ready to work. Nationwide delivery available, please contact us for more details.

By albanyfarm, Jan 12 2018 11:30AM

As we begin another round of calving in the new year, we are continuing to sample each newborn calf for BVD. A tissue sample is taken with a special ear tag, which we send off to a lab for testing.

Another job being done this month is applying the young bulls' nose rings. They will continue with their halter training once their noses have healed and they will then be blood tested to make sure they are diease-free prior to sale. Watch this space for more photos of our young breeding bulls!

By albanyfarm, Sep 5 2017 08:37AM

Here at Albany, the stock bulls are introduced to the autumn-calving cows in November, so we start to see the first autumn calves born from the middle of August the following year. This year calving began on 17th August with no less than three born on the same morning! Several more cows are getting quite close now (we call it looking shifty) so we can expect a flurry of newborns before too long.

By albanyfarm, May 22 2017 12:51PM

Over the past week we've had 14-year-old Cador from South Uist in the Outer Hebrides at the farm on work experience. The week culminated with a trip to the Royal Welsh Spring Festival where he helped look after the show team and was very capable in showing one of our heifer calves in both the breed classes and the young handlers competition. Pictured is Cador in action with Albany Oyster Girl 19th, both having their first go in the Show ring!

By albanyfarm, May 17 2017 07:30AM

A good day was had on Sunday 14th May at our first show outing of the summer. We took a team of British Whites to South Suffolk Show and for the two junior heifers Oregon and Teckle it was their very first showing experience! Both took it all in their stride and came away with a second and a fourth prize respectively.

It was three-year-old heifer Georgia who had the best result on the day though, winning the Female and Breed Championships in the British White section. Georgia is an altogether more experienced show-goer and this time has her first calf in tow - January-born bull calf Goldeneye.

By albanyfarm, Apr 6 2017 12:01PM

This week the cattle have been mooooooving on out of their winter digs to fresh spring grass! Autumn calves have been weighed to monitor their growth, the cows have had their magnesium bolus and everyone has had a good dose of wormer ready for the grazing season. Now...grow!

By albanyfarm, Jan 19 2017 01:13PM

Although it seems not long since we finished autumn calving, the spring bunch have just started! Things have kicked off with 26-month-old first calver Albany Omega popping out a lovely strong heifer calf, who was up and running in no time.

We made the decision to run some heifers with the bull a little younger than we normally would for this year, so that they would mostly calve between 24 and 28 months of age rather than between 28 and 36 months. This was so that the heifers started earning their keep a little sooner in life, as well as experimenting to see whether having a few less months to get fat would have a positive impact on how easily they calve (three-year-old heifers have a tendency to get rather chubby if they haven't done any work, which is what you don't want when calving for the first time!).

This girl seems to have the hang of motherhood already - she has plenty of milk for her calf and is very attentive, so if they all do as good a job as her we'll be pleased.

By albanyfarm, Jan 9 2017 07:56AM

Seeing as we've got them inside at this time of year we try to halter as many of the youngstock as we can. Being trained to the halter can come in handy any time they need veterinary attention, calving assistance, etc. so a little bit of work while they're young can benefit for their lifetime.

We will also be training some of these young cattle in preparation for the show season, in which case they will also need to learn to walk on the halter, stop and have their feet placed in the correct position to show themselves off to the judge.

As always we have a selection of young bulls for sale and soon they will be used to being led, which should make handling them easy for their potential new owners too. Look out for us showing in 2017, we'll be off to a few again this year chatting to folks about the cattle so come along and say hello!

By albanyfarm, Dec 28 2016 10:05AM

Just before Christmas we had our routine herd bTB test; a government-mandated process we go through every four years to ensure the herd is free from Bovine Tuberculosis. While we are currently in a low-risk area for bTB (hence the four-yearly testing, as opposed to every year as in large parts of the UK), it is always a tense time when the herd undertakes the test and we are chuffed to be able to say we have gone clear!

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